Why is this important?

1 in 5 confirmed pregnancies will end in miscarriage. If you speak with most physicians they would argue the number is significantly higher. Aaron and his wife, Lacy, experienced this personally in October of 2016, losing twin babies. As the medical bills began to come in, Aaron noticed a negative trend - the bills, from multiple medical providers, were a continuing reminder of the tragedy, delaying the healing process and re-opening the emotional wound of loss. After discussing this with other couples who had miscarried, he found that they had experienced similar pain and delay in healing. 

"What can we do to help families get through this faster, or perhaps eliminate the delay in the healing process due to medical bills?"

This question drove the formation of Ciconia.


So why a crane?

A crane was used in Greek theater as a lifting mechanism (referred to as a Deus Ex Machina) to help resolve the story through a God-figure Orator. It's also the guide between life seasons in Chinese legend. We felt it was a great symbol of Ciconia's mission, and it is also a beautiful and elegant animal!


How does it work?

Families who have gone through a miscarriage can reach out to us to participate by sending an email to join@ciconiagift.com. We will gather account information, complete compliance paperwork, and provide a unique code that can then be distributed to their community for use on the Ciconia website. For each purchase, 30% of the gross total, less tax, will be sent each month directly to their medical providers.


What about regular purchases?

10% of every purchase is pooled and distributed each month to participating families. These families will receive the additional distribution for 3 months beginning the month they start with Ciconia. 


Is Ciconia a Non-Profit Organization (NPO)?

At this time, we are not. However, we will be exploring was to create a non-profit arm in 2019.


What can I do to help?

Aside from directly purchasing goods, we would love for you to share Ciconia with your community! The more the word gets out, the better opportunity we have to serve families as they make their way through the healing process. Tangible examples would be to share with family, friends, colleagues, churches, physicians, or other resource groups.