About Us

Ciconia was founded by Aaron Bartlett after he and his wife, Lacy, experienced a miscarriage of twins in October of 2016. As they began the healing process, Aaron noticed that with each medical bill that arrived, the healing process was delayed. After reaching out to other couples who had miscarried a common theme was established. The sight of a medical bill associated with the miscarriage brought back the same painful emotions that the tragedy produced. The couples also felt isolated and often said they "suffered silently".

Through these conversations, Aaron began asking "How can we help families avoid this delayed healing process, and rally communities for support?", and with that, Ciconia was born. 

Ciconia's mission is to help families who have gone through miscarriages raise funds for their medical bills through the purchase of craft goods. For each purchase, a portion of the proceeds are sent directly to medical providers of the families we work with. All goods are handcrafted and use the highest quality, natural ingredients. 

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